Acting Press

Chicago Reader

"This is the kind of off-Loop theater that put Chicago on the map: low-budget, superbly acted, performed on a tiny but well-designed set."

"The play, by Callie Kimball, about a 13-year old girl trying to break free from an abusive grandmother, her legal guardian, is full of wit and fire, and this Halcyon Theatre ensemble, directed by Jennifer Adams, finds the heart in Kimball’s words. In particular, there's a creepy chemistry between the protagonist (played to the hilt by Caity-Shea Violette) and her sleazy ex-con father (Ted James). The result is an evening of intense, satisfying live drama." —Jack Helbig

Third Coast Review

"Played by Violette, Bug is the most three-dimensional character in the production. With a shrillness and physicality akin to a thirteen-year-old, she navigates the character’s roller coaster journey admirably. Smartly, Violette also manages to get a few laughs when casting magic without managing to undermine the reality of each spell’s potential." - Brent Eickhoff

Duluth News Tribune

His new love is Marie, played hilariously over-the-top by Caity-Shea Violette, whose greatest moments are not her lightning-quick switches from glaring to seductive but rather her rapid-fire extended speeches. - Paul Brissett