artistic statement

My plays are feminist, trauma-informed windows into stigmatized identities that illuminate the vulnerable and darkly funny ways we grieve and grow inside them.

As a queer, female playwright with a disability, I’m passionate about writing complex, intersectional characters who aren’t solely defined by their sexuality, dis/abilities, and gender. Simply put, I love telling stories about womxn learning how to belong to themselves.

My writing aims to confront complacency by highlighting our shared humanity and examining the ways we fail to honor it. I believe these stories deeply resonate with the national reckoning our country is having with privilege, compassion, and belonging.

Prior to starting my MFA program at Boston University, I worked with a variety of Chicago nonprofits who serve people who have experienced complex trauma and sexual violence. Both my lived experience and my work within these communities emphasized the importance of giving nuanced, but accessible language to these stories through character-driven work that is intentionally mindful of the people who have lived it.