Artistic Statement

I craft stories that make invisible disabilities, complex trauma, and gender-based violence more accessible to wider audiences.

I am currently pursuing my MFA in Playwriting from Boston University. Prior to starting this program, I spent the last five years living in Chicago as a playwright, actress, and accessibility advocate. During this time, I connected with a variety of local nonprofits that specialized in working with people who have experienced trauma, mental illnesses, substance use disorders, and sexual violence. Both my lived experience and my work within these communities emphasized the importance of giving nuanced, but accessible language to these topics through character-driven storytelling.           

One of the goals of my work is to theatrically explore trauma without recreating the emotional or physical violence visited on the character who experienced it. By translating symptoms of trauma into the actual storytelling through theatrical devices, I aim to create new entry points for audience members without lived experience with the topic by inviting them behind the eyes of a character who does. This also makes it possible to explore potentially triggering topics without re-traumatizing audience members for whom these experiences more closely resonate. 

I am also passionate about creating complex, exciting roles for female and non-binary actors. Representation matters both in the roles being written and the actors who are playing them. My work features characters who are free to have multiple identities that impact their life, but do not define them.

Photo by tom vin

Photo by tom vin