The Vagina Melodies

  • Cornservatory 4210 N. Lincoln Avenue Chicago IL

The theater darkens.  A single spot illuminates a lone stool.  Eve Ensler comes out to deliver a monologue from her famous play.  Except the theater is Cornservatory and it’s not Eve.  And it’s not her famous play, but rather the new musical sketch comedy from the folks that bring you “DRINK!” and “Happy Holly-daze”, The Vagina Melodies: The Musical Sketch Show.  Corn Production’s latest is an all-singing, all-dancing musical sketch show that boldly and hilariously explores feminist issues from every angle. The diverse cast of women and men, including our “Eve Ensler” will gleefully present the brutal truth, backed-up with honest storytelling and lively song & dance for a wild and wonderful night of musical fun.