2017 Highlights, A Year in Review:

- TAKE CARE was a finalist for publication in The Dionysian Magazine.

- REAP THE GROVE was selected as a national finalist for the 2017 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival New Play Competition.

- A selection of Caity-Shea's work was performed as part of The Voices and Faces Project's "Words = Change: A Literary Theatrical Performance" at The Edge Theater in Chicago.

- REAP THE GROVE was selected to be part of Artemisia Theatre's Fall Festival, where it received an staged reading in October. 

- THE BATTLE FOR CLOCKWISE CASTLE, Caity-Shea's newly commissioned full-length TYA play, premiered with E.D.G.E Youth Theatre Company in December.

- In partnership with Women's Media Group and The Voices and Faces Project, Caity-Shea is co-adapting Anne K. Ream's book LIVED THROUGH THIS.