selected plays

Women In Space Workshop.jpg


Workshop: Boston Playwrights Theatre, Boston, 2019

(Full length — 5W, 1M) Captain Niyah Adisa and her crew embark on an intergalactic mission to rescue her husband from a vicious tribe of humanoid women determined to get revenge on their perceived male oppressors. But the line between heroes and villains blur as these “strong female characters” realize they’re underdeveloped pawns in a scheme to save the career of a screenwriter embroiled in a salacious scandal. Weaving between a bright elevated sci-fi universe and the dark grounded reality underneath it, Women in Space! is an action-packed, mind-bending journey through time and space to give female characters trapped in the male gaze the chance to fully realize themselves.


Reap The Grove

Semifinalist: Eugene O’Neill Playwright’s Conference, 2019
Finalist: Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival Play Contest, 2017
Workshop Production: Matrix Theatre Company, Detroit, 2019
Workshop: Artemisia Theatre, Chicago, 2019
Reading: Ignition Arts, Oklahoma City, 2019

(Full length — 4W) Sandra's estranged family is reunited to spend her final days together before she ends her life on her own terms following a terminal diagnosis. While Sandra bounces from reality to a timeless space between life and death, her daughters are also in personal moments of transformation- one passionately committed to saving the planet even if she can't save her marriage, the other has only recently found success in substance use treatment and arrives six months pregnant. Reap The Grove is a tender and darkly funny exploration of partnership, intergenerational trauma, and the anticipated grief of death with dignity.

Target Behavior car.jpg

Target Behavior

Winner: Kennedy Center’s National Partners of American Theatre Playwriting Excellence Award, 2012
Semifinalist: The Lark’s Shakespeare’s Sister Playwriting Fellowship, 2015
Semifinalist: David Mark Cohen National Playwriting Award, 2012
Production: 20% Theatre Company, Detroit, 2015
Production: University of Minnesota, Duluth, 2011
Workshop: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2012
Reading: ATHE, Washington D.C., 2012

(Full length — 4W) After being admitted to an adolescent psychiatric unit, Kendra is trapped in a world of safety scissors and suicide checks until she can overcome her target behavior. Caught between the ward and flashbacks of her fractured family, an older boy and the events that led to her hospitalization, she is accompanied by her fellow patients and their geeky, but dedicated counselor determined to use therapy games and art projects to guide these teenage trauma survivors from break down to break through. Sharp-witted and unafraid to laugh with the darkness, Target Behavior explores blurred boundaries and the silence that turns them deadly.



Development: Boston Playwrights Theatre, Boston, 2019

(Full length — 1W) Living at the intersection of the opioid epidemic and #MeToo movement, CREDIBLE is a one-woman show that follows the journey of a woman relearning how to live in her body after years of mysterious chronic pain, complex trauma, and overprescription. CREDIBLE intertwines humor and vulnerability to chronicle a decade-long discovery process from the inside out, illuminating the impact of gender bias in the medical system and emphasizing the life-saving power of having your pain seen and believed.


The Stand

Winner: Susan Glaspell National Playwriting Festival Award, 2019
International Finalist: InspiraTO Playwriting Competition, 2019
Production: Boston Theatre Marathon, Boston, 2019
Production: InspiraTO Festival, Toronto, 2019
Production: QC Theatre Workshop, Davenport IA, 2019
Production: Lakeshore Players, White Bear Lake MN, 2019
Production: Artists’ Exchange, Cranston RI, 2019

(Short play — 2W) After surviving years of abuse, Alicia is now being held in Cook County Jail in Chicago for her husband's murder. When her public defender presents a deal offered by the DA, Alicia must now choose between guaranteed jail time away from her young son or risking a life sentence to tell her story in court. The Stand is an exploration of the impossible choices created in the wake of domestic violence and the limited options the criminal justice system offers survivors.


Save The Date

International Finalist: InspiraTO Playwriting Competition, 2019
Production: InspiraTO Festival, Toronto, 2015
Production: Toronto Queer Theatre Festival, 2015
Production: Genesee Community College, 2019

(Short Play — 2W) Hours from her wedding, Andrea meets her estranged lover in their park. A tug-of-war between passion and timing, they explore the expiration date of "the one that got away".