Playwriting Press

"The plays were all impressive, but one of them, Caity-Shea Violette’s Save the Date, was perfection. Seriously. If I scored plays, I’d give it 10/10."
- Mooney on Stage, Toronto CA

"'Shadow Boy' written by Caity-Shea Violette and directed by Jonathan Goldthwaite takes a highly abstract painting and allegorizes it, pitting Ritual (Ian Michael Minh) and History (Fin Coe) against each other in what initially looks like a new age rite in which a young woman (Alaithia Velez) tries to ward of an approaching dark shadow. Ritual’s closing line “You can use me for the good things too. I do that also” is an interesting meditation on what ritual has become, or how it is perceived, in a post-modern age with a highly empirical world-view."
- Around the Town Chicago, Chicago IL

“Violette's plotting skill would be for naught, however, if the characters of James and Kim were not interesting and articulate in their own right. (...) Much of the back story comes out in soliloquies by both characters, in which Violette's skill at pure storytelling comes to the fore.
-Duluth News Tribune, Duluth MN

"It was the world premiere of Target Behavior by UMD junior Caity Shea Violette, whose plotting and characters bespeak a sophistication beyond her years. Violette unveils the events that brought Kendra to the ward with infinite patience, intercutting flashbacks with scenes of therapy sessions and encounters with other patients.”
- Duluth News Tribune, Duluth MN 


"Save the Date by Caity-Shea Violette, directed by Josh Downing. Remarkably poignant with touches of rom-com to ease the ache as two former lovers meet hours before one of them gets married."
- Life with More Cowbell, Toronto CA

"A one-act story of a steadfast, gentle but out-of-touch father and his skittish, tortured daughter, Violette uses action and dialogue counterposed with soliloquy to describe how unresolved childhood suffering can cripple us. It also shows that sharing our pain can be the way through."
- Duluth Reader, Duluth MN