Violette unveils the events that brought Kendra to the ward with infinite patience, intercutting flashbacks with scenes of therapy sessions and encounters with other patients.
— Duluth News Tribune

Target Behavior

After being admitted to an adolescent psychiatric unit, Kendra is trapped in a world of safety scissors and suicide checks until she can overcome her target behavior. Caught between the ward and flashbacks of her fractured family, an older boy and the events that led to her hospitalization, she is accompanied by an edgy, entertaining and endearing group of fellow patients and their geeky, but dedicated counselor determined to use therapy games and art projects to guide these teenage trauma survivors from break down to break through. Sharp-witted and unafraid to laugh with the darkness, Target Behavior explores blurred boundaries and the silence that turns them deadly.

Cast size: 4 men / 4 women. Run time: 2 hours w/ intermission.

Development & Production History:
Production: 20% Theatre Company, Chicago IL - 2015
Production: University of Minnesota, Duluth, Duluth MN - 2011
Workshop: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas NV - 2012
Staged Reading: Association for Theatre in Higher Education, Washington DC - 2012

Winner, Kennedy Center’s National Partners of American Theatre Playwriting Excellence Award - 2012
National Semi-Finalist, Kennedy Center’s David Mark Cohen National Playwriting Award - 2012
National Semi-Finalist, Shakespeare’s Sister Playwriting Fellowship - 2015