Much of the back story comes out in soliloquies by both characters, in which Violette’s skill at pure storytelling comes to the fore.
— Duluth News Tribune

The Cabin

A woman and her estranged father trace their twisted family roots as they pack up her childhood cabin, following the breadcrumbs her mother left explaining her sudden death.

Cast size: 1 man / 1 woman. Run time: 1 hour w/o intermission.

Development & Production History:
Production: Duluth Underground, Duluth MN - 2012
Staged Reading: University of Minnesota Duluth, Duluth MN - 2012

Regional Runner-Up, Kennedy Center’s John Cauble Outstanding Short Play Award - 2012
Recipient of two Undergraduate Research Opportunity Project Grants - 2012

A one-act story of a steadfast, gentle but out-of-touch father and his skittish, tortured daughter, Violette uses action and dialogue counterposed with soliloquy to describe how unresolved childhood suffering can cripple us. It also shows that sharing our pain can be the way through.
— Duluth Reader